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BGB's Classic Boxing GIF's Page: Spotlight On Us

This page is your ultimate reference list to our links for classic boxing GIF posts. The requirement for it being classic is that we've posted it. You've been warned. Find all your favourites by alphabetical order for forums, Facebook, downloading, etc. Thanks for stopping by, please bookmark and share if you enjoy what we've done so far.


Ali, Muhammad:

Muhammad Ali has a tense moment with George Chuvalo

Freddie Starr Shows Muhammad Ali What Valium Does

Muhammad Ali thinks you're crazy, reaction GIF's.

Muhammad Ali Mocks & Destroys Jimmy Savile

Muhammad mock fights with Sylvester Stallone

Muhammad Ali surprises Sylvester Stallone
Muhammad Ali Kayos Alien

Ali is scolded by Ruth Buzzi

Ali is mercilessly beaten by Ruth Buzzi

Ali walks through town, clapping

Ali and Wilt Chamberlain compare hand size for Howard Cosell

Ali and Cus D'Amato demonstrate Ali VS Frazier

A very young Muhammad Ali points with a false caption to call BS  

Muhammad gets the phone hung up on him in promo with Joe Frazier

Muhammad pats his hair and thanks you with a real caption

Muhammad Ali kisses Olympic medals

Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston try to psych each other out at weigh-in

Muhammad kissing hands with man in Ivory Coast

Muhammad Ali Rubs Earnie Shavers Head!

Muhammad Ali Clowns With Jimmy Young at Weigh-in

Muhammad Ali's Subtle Toupee Feint On Howard Cosell

Muhammad Ali is dropped hard by Henry Cooper

Muhammad Ali Meets The Beatles

J. B. Smoove imitates Muhammad Ali, a bit

Arguello, Alexis:

Aaron Pryor tries to psych out Alexis Arguello

Arreola, Chris:

Chris Arreola kisses his opponent after stopping him

Atlas, Teddy:

Teddy Atlas Shoves George Foreman, is calmed down by Michael Moorer

Augustus, Emanuel (aka Emanuel Burton):

Emanuel Augustus double-punching and dancing against Ray Oliveira


Baer, Max:

Max Baer with Joe Louis and Lou Costello in friendly interview

Maxie gets dully pounded by the jab

Briggs, Shannon:

Shannon Briggs going mental on Transporter 2

Shannon Briggs gets crazy at weigh-in with Roberto Duran!

Broner, Adrien:

Adrien Broner shares his face-peeling trauma with the people

Adrien Broner Dances With Marcos Rene Maidana

Bruno, Frank:

Jimmy Savile drops pants on This Is Your Life for Frank Bruno, who feels his legs

Tim Witherspoon hams it up at the weigh-in for his match with Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno had some type of video game too.

Bute, Lucian:

Bute watched Edison Miranda mug then knocks him out with an uppercut

Butler, James: 

James Butler assaults opponent Richard Grant after Grant is given a decision victory over him


Camacho, Hector (Senior):

Hector in headdress boogies before the Pazienza match begins

Chambers, Eddie:

Eddie Chambers and Tyson Fury fist bump

Charles, Ezzard:

Ezzard Charles eats a nice headbutt by Rocky Marciano

Chavez, Julio Cesar: 

JCC does his superman punch

JCC's right hand plants journeyman Silvio Walter Rojas face first

Chuvalo, George:

George Chuvalo is smacked right across the face. And he takes it.

Cobb, Tex (Randall): 

Tex Cobb licking a poor bride on TV series Highlander

Tex Cobb with amazing rabbit punch combination, referee doesn't care

Cotto, Miguel:

Cotto dodges punches and lifts opponent Oktay Urkal over his shoulder

Cotto surprises Brendan Shaub

Crawford, Terence

Terence Crawford as a prospect annihilating opponent with a massive right hand


D'Amato, Cus: 

D'Amato plays Joe Frazier for Muhammad Ali

Vic Darchinyan dethrones Cristian Mijares (2 GIF's)

Davis, Gervonta:

Gervonta Davis lands beautiful crouch and leap hook

Dempsey, Jack:

Jack Dempsey and Jess Willard dance together as older gents

Dorticos, Yunier:

Murat Gassiev Consoles Yunier Dortico

Duran, Roberto:

Duran showing off his legendary jump rope athleticism



Foreman, George:

Teddy Atlas Shoves George Foreman, is calmed down by Michael Moorer

George and Hank Hill shake hands

George Foreman laughs and claps with the real caption that he enjoyed that

George Foreman threatens Bill Cosby and takes his shirt off.

George Foreman punches Joe Roman while down

Foster, Bob:

Bob Foster knocks Mike Quarry out cold

Frazier, Joe: 

Frazier with a real caption hangs up the phone while smiling

Joe laughing and smiling with the real caption saying he loves it

Joe Frazier in a promo hanging up the phone on Muhammad Ali

Frazier licks his chops

Johnny Carson Fights The Odds: GIF Spotlight

Johnny Carson Demonstrates Speed Bag Work For Joe Frazier: GIF Spotlight

Joe Frazier Knocks Himself Out

Froch, Carl:

Carl Froch in a captioned and uncaptioned reaction GIF telling you to stop talking

Fury, Tyson:

Tyson Fury and Eddie Chambers fist bump

Tyson and David Haye laugh together. Well, sort of together.

Tyson and Hughie Fury play Batman and the Joker for Wladimir Klitschko

Referee Marcus McConnell shh's Tyson Fury

Wladimir Klitschko smashes Tyson Fury's eye with headbutt foul

Gamboa, Yuriorkis:

Gamboa sits and lays down Al Seeger in the first round

Murat Gassiev: 

Murat Gassiev Consoles Yunier Dorticos
Murat Gassiev sleeps Jordan Shimmell with a left hook

Gatti, Arturo:

Arturo jumping for Doctor Margaret Goodman after stoppage loss

Gausha, Terrell:

Terrell with a blistering four-punch combination to end Cesar Vila

Golota, Andrew: 

Conan O'Brien really tempts fate as he throws his crotch around at Andrew Golota

Andrew Golota Bites Samson Po'uha

Golovkin, Gennady:

Golovkin dances "Mexican Style"

Golovkin teaching light heavyweight prospect Sullivan Barrera some lessons 

Gonzalez, Roman:

Roman Gonzalez puts a towel to his opponent's bleeding eye.


Hagler, Marvin:

Marvin Hagler Fears Your Driving

Marvin Hagler Combs His Bald Head

Marvin Hagler Eats Pizza Hut Happily

Marvin Hagler gives you a thumbs up and thank you

Hamed, Naseem:

Naseem somersaults over the ropes with a caption to let forum-goers know he's entered the thread

Prince Naseem Hamed Shadow Dancing

The Prince Pumps

Naseem Hamed flattens Tom Johnson with an awesome uppercut

Hatton, Ricky:

Ricky Hatton fixes Larry Merchant's hair

Haye, David:

Tyson and David Haye laugh together. Well, sort of together.
David Haye trains with fake Klitschko jab
David Haye and Emanuel Steward laugh over David's Klitschko decapitation shirt
Wladimir Klitschko taunts David Haye with his magic hand

Hearn, Eddie:

Eddie Hearn conducts an elaborate handshake with Radio Rahim

Hearns, Tommy:

Tommy Hearns has a double-knockdown with Jay Snyder

As Tommy Hearns talks about fighting Ray Leonard again, Ray Leonard rests his head gently on Tommy's shoulder

Highlander television series:

Adrian Paul, Rick Faraci and Bruce Weitz in an old and modern boxing setting

Adrian Paul Thinks He's Won The Boxing Match

Tex Cobb licking a poor bride on TV series Highlander

Holyfield, Evander:

Evander is healed by televangelist Benny Hinn

Evander Holyfield, for when you're so into Christmas: Reaction GIF Spotlight 

Holyfield video game intro

Evander Holyfield KO's Don King on Conan O'Brien

Evander Holyfield's Terry Mims KO GIF

Evander Holyfield's Foul Combination on Michael Dokes

Hopkins, Bernard:

Bernard Hopkins stares down Don King at a weigh-in, after years of animosity

Hopkins quietly sits down and waits.

Bernard Hopkins does push-ups for Jean Pascal during fight

Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal do push-ups after rematch

Bernard Hopkins is imitated by Jean Pascal hilariously



Jennings, Bryant: 

Bryant Jennings kayos Bowie Tupou with an uppercut.

Jones, Roy:

Roy celebrates stopping Merqui Sosa, while Sosa shoves the referee in anger

Judah, Zab:

Zab throws his stool in anger while being restrained by father and security guards.

Zab Judah uppercuts himself in the face


King, Don: 

Don King gets stared down by Bernard Hopkins

Don King and Bob Arum laughing together in an interview.

Don King is very happy to agree with you!

Klitschko, Vitali:

Vitali takes opponent Kevin Johnson's sunglasses, and he threatens to de-pants him.

Vitali fights in kickboxing match in Japan at the age of 22

Klitschko, Wladimir:

Wladimir Klitschko shakes his head in disgust during a Chris Cornell music video

Wladimir dances in a sea of school children

Klitschko dances from a commercial with a false caption that haters gonna hate

Klitschko gets picked up and bum-slapped by an Eli Dixon early in his career

Klitschko scores highlight reel kayo with an orthodox stance right hook on Cody Koch

Klitschko sends Ray Austin out of the match with four quick left hooks to the head.

Klitschko gets knocked down for the first time against journeyman Steve Pannell

David Haye trains with fake Klitschko jab

Klitschko's jab against Brewster, Wach, Peter and Povetkin

Klitschko knocks Tony Thompson out twice, putting him into the same position

Wladimir Klitschko's 3 knockdowns on Charles Shufford

Tyson and Hughie Fury play Batman and the Joker for Wladimir Klitschko

Klitschko gives the peace sign at weigh-in VS Joshua

Wladimir Klitschko opens Derrick Jefferson up with a slap down for a huge right hand KD

Wladimir Klitschko taunts David Haye with his magic hand

Wladimir Klitschko smashes Tyson Fury's eye with headbutt foul

Kovalev, Sergey:

Sergey Kovalev does suggestive pelvic thrust move on Nathan Cleverly

Sergey Kovalev's crude and rude gesture to the Welsh people


Lazarte, Luis Alberto:

The riot after Luis Alberto Lazarte and John Riel Casimero

Leonard, Ray:

Ray does celebratory somersault after stopping Ayub Kalule

Leonard almost obnoxiously resting his head on rival Tommy Hearns' shoulder

Two GIF's of Ray Leonard annihilating Dave "Boy" Green

Ray Leonard is murdered by Treat Williams

Sugar Ray Leonard KO's Al Bundy

Ray Leonard Mugs Ornery Debut Opponent

Lewis, Lennox:

Lennox Lewis' debut KO via a jab against Al Malcolm

Lennox Lewis teaches Deontay Wilder how to jab

Lennox Lewis in an HBO promo playing chess with Kevin Kelley

Liston, Sonny:

Muhammad Ali and Liston try to psych each other out at weigh-in

Sonny Liston VS Davy Jones: Sonny in choreographed fight with Davy Jones

Sonny Liston in sauna, releasing so much steam you can't see anything

Sonny gets a smooch from a little girl and grins

Liston in playful spar with a little boy

Liston menacingly wags his finger at the police

Lomachenko, Vasyl:

An animated Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux star in The Matrix

Lopez, Ricardo:

Ricardo Lopez puts down over-matched Myung-Sup Park with left hook

Ricardo Lopez flattens Rocky Lin with left hook

Ricardo Lopez's uppercut KO of Ala Villamor

Louis, Joe:

Joe Louis wrecks Lee Ramage with one shot

Louis and Max Baer with Lou Costello

Jersey Joe Walcott Shuffles for Joe Louis

Joe Louis gets off of plane with Tony Martin, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis Does Ali Shuffle For Joe Louis

Joe Louis just goes ahead and knocks out Jerry Lewis


Marciano, Rocky:

Rocky slips in a nice headbutt on Ezzard Charles

Marciano in an interview shows his short reach off with a real caption

Marquez, Juan Manuel:

Juan Manuel Marquez Puts Likar Ramos To Sleep

Young Juan Manuel Marquez's vicious uppercut

Juan Manuel Marquez deals in Johnny Walker inside of a minute

Mayweather, Floyd (Junior):

Floyd can't find what he's looking for in the cupboard

Floyd with a real caption for what it takes to be the victor

Young Floyd Mayweather demonstrates blitzkrieg check hook knockout against Edgar Ayala

Floyd Mayweather Junior Merges With Matrix Villain During Phillip Ndou Fight

Floyd Mayweather Junior's straight right hand to the body (two gifs) against Sharmba Mitchell

Floyd Mayweather Junior's Epic Gladiator Promo With Shane Mosley

Merchant, Larry:

Ricky Hatton fixes Larry Merchant's hair

Larry Merchant shoves Wayne McCullough fan while trying to interview Daniel Zaragoza


Jaleel White as Steve Urkel on Family Matters has a little grade school boxing match, very slick

(3 GIF's) A Chimpanzee Boxing Circus Show From The Fifties

J. B. Smoove imitates Muhammad Ali, a bit

Rock The Musical opened Klitschko VS Wach

Leonard Nimoy in bizarre choreography knockout

Leonard Nimoy Gets Pounded by jab

Leonard Nimoy teaching how to hit a speed bag

Eddie Cantor looks on in tense anticipation of Joe Louis VS Joe Walcott I

Little Mac and Doc Louis HARD WORK! GIF

Count out GIF, woman celebrates and counts along

The Three Stooges Video Game Clip

The Three Stooges' Curly Gets Punched after the old 'look over there' trick.

Blind Ugandan boxer hits referee. From a real news story.

Greg Jackson gets hit with tremendous knockdown punch in winning effort

Abner Mares scores official knockdown over Joseph Agbeko with low blow, referee Russell Mora stares directly at it and blows the call

Cletus Seldin, Johnny Garcia and Tony Chiarantano have blatant elbow action

Moorer, Michael:

Teddy Atlas Shoves George Foreman, is calmed down by Michael Moorer

Mosley, Shane:

Floyd Mayweather Junior's Epic Gladiator Promo With Shane Mosley


Nelson, Johnny:

Johnny Nelson laughing

Johnny Nelson looking disgusted and shaking his head

Norton, Kenny:

Kenny Norton knocks out Gary Coleman.

Joshua, Anthony:

Anthony Joshua smacks referee Ian John-Lewis with a left hook

Kevin Johnson checks Anthony Joshua's heart. He's satisfied.


Ortiz, Victor:

Vic tells you he'll see you at the finish line in a music video


Pacquiao, Manny:

Manny Pacquiao is held hostage at scissorpoint on sitcom.

Manny Pacquiao practices his fake punching for Funny or Die

Pacquiao looks off-camera and breaks up laughing

Manny Pacquiao in tamest pillow fight with Miss America

Palomino, Carlos:

Carlos Palomino on the Taxi sitcom, knocking down Tony Danza.

Peter, Samuel:

A very odd spectacle of a comeback KO from The Nigerian Nightmare

Pinckney, Darryl:

Darryl Pinckney's knee-bending KO over Luis Leija

Darryl Pinckney shocks Junior Jones with his power

Povetkin, Alexander:

Alexander Povetkin embraces Manuel Charr after kayoing him

Alexander Povetkin Knocks out Mike Perez

Pryor, Aaron:

Aaron Pryor psychs out Alexis Arguello

Pulev, Kubrat:

Kubrat Pulev clowns and gets disgusted after being knocked down by southpaw slugger Joey Abell



Rios, Brandon:

Brandon Rios dances and Zumbas for Fight Hub TV

Robinson, Ray:

Ray Robinson in a musical montage, clowning with friends


Santana, Francisco:

Santana makes highlight reel history for ESPN'S Friday Night Fights with his left hook kayo over undefeated and untested Kendal Mena.

Sosa, Merqui:

Roy Jones Junior celebrates stopping Merqui, who is anti-celebrating by shoving the referee in anger

Spence Junior, Errol:

Errol Spence's gamesmanship with Chris Algieri at weigh-in

Saunders, Billy Joe:

Billy Joe decides to flash the weigh-in audience for his Lemieux fight

Billy Joe Saunders' son punches and kicks at opponent Willie Monroe Junior's groin


Terrell, Ernie:

Ernie Terrell Sings To Muhammad Ali on Hollywood Palace

Thompson, Tony:

Klitschko knocks Tony Thompson out twice, putting him into the same position

Tony Thompson strips for Kubrat Pulev crowd

Toney, James:

James Toney Has Strange Stare down/Jaw Down Encounter

Tyson, Mike:

Mike Tyson Punches Bonecrusher After The Bell: GIF Spotlight

Mike Tyson makes Trevor Berbick stumble all over the place in left hook knockout

Mike Tyson Bullies Norm Macdonald

Mike Tyson fights Jean-Claude Van Damme

Mike Tyson impersonated on In Living Color by Keenen Ivory Wayans

Tua, David:

David Tua viciously KO's John Ruiz after Larry Merchant assesses them as fighters

Tunney, Gene:

Gene Tunney gives a demonstration to troops in Auckland, New Zealand, 1943.


Usyk, Oleksandr:

Usyk makes sure his hair is still pretty while fighting



Wach, Mariusz:

Heavyweight contender Mariusz Wach gets a mythical intro

Walcott, Joe (Jersey):

Jersey Joe Walcott Shuffles for Joe Louis

Ward, Andre:

Andre Ward batters Edwin Rodriguez with a power jab

Wolfe, Ann:

Ann Wolfe levels the huge Vonda Ward

Wilder, Deontay:

Deontay Dances. A lot.

Deontay is taught how to jab like Lennox Lewis, by Lennox Lewis

Deontay makes a Godzilla effigy

Deontay Wilder being crazy and wild with Johann Duhapaus

Willard, Jess:

Jack Dempsey and Jess Willard dance together as older gents

Williams, Paul:

Paul Williams and Kermit Cintron have one of boxing's weirdest moments

Williams, Robin:

Robin shows his amazing defense as Popeye

Witherspoon, Tim:

Tim Witherspoon hams it up at the weigh-in for his match with Frank Bruno




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