Saturday, February 10, 2018

Evander Holyfield Lives The Dreams Of A Thousand Fighters: GIF Spotlight

Conan O'Brien hosted Late Night from 1993-2009 and there was a running pugilistic gag. There was also a dark genius who lived in the shadows of Late Night and SNL named Robert Smigel (Triumph the Insult Comic Dog). Conan would often have a wide assortment of faked celebrity guests appear on his screen where only the mouths would move in real time on a still photo of the person's face and one of his actors would play their lips. Faux Don King would show up regularly to inflict ebullient verbal torture on Conan, his "potato-eatin', leprechaunical [sic], young friend." One night, he showed up for an interview with Evander Holyfield.

This was after the first Holyfield/Lewis match took place, in the wake of the controversial scoring. Holyfield pretended to do what perhaps every fighter Don King's ever represented has wanted to do. Perhaps they can all watch this GIF as a form of therapy. On Late Night, Robert Smigel also played the lips of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. If you squint, you may see a pattern in it.

Work that bag,
Basement Gym Boxing

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