Saturday, February 3, 2018

Laurence Cole Is Still. . .Laurence Cole.

I think we've all been there as hardcore boxing fans. By that, I mean frustrated with Laurence Cole, who just keeps getting job after job after job on these TV fights. We got a very fine card on paper from Top Rank & ESPN. It was marred. Gilberto Ramirez VS Habib Ahmed was the main event, a second major world title fight on the card. Again, on paper, a fine card. But as I watched a fighter completely out of ideas as to how to be competitive, let alone victorious, literally running away, multiple times, back turned, from a bigger, stronger, more skilled opponent, but too tough to be put down, I also watched Laurence Cole let him do it, until that fighter's corner asked him to stop it, no matter how obvious it should've been that the fight should be stopped. No matter how obvious it was that Habib Ahmed could not fight Gilberto Ramirez.

So, Laurence Cole does it again. I'm sure he'll do it yet again too. I won't go into why. But I'm pretty sure. As for the action, Ahmed did what he could do and brought no shame upon himself. He was outclassed and out-manned. Ramirez may have missed plenty of shots but I think he has a style that uses his offense to keep the most advantageous distance as much as to do damage, and, if so, it worked virtually the entire match. The Mexican Super Middleweight rarity turned in an A performance, for me. So, with certainly no help from Cole, Ramirez TKO6 Ahmed. It may be little consolation to the losing fighters, but neither of them turned in a performance less competent than Laurence, at least.

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