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Jim Lampley Quotes Page: The Notables Chosen By Basement Gym Boxing

Jim Lampley has been the voice of HBO boxing for many years and has also covered over a dozen Olympic games and currently hosts The Fight Game on HBO as well. An emotional voice in boxing who has brought home the drama for fans in both triumphant and sad outcomes. Here are our selected quotes:



On HBO's The Fight Game with Jim Lampley, he ran an odd "anti-Gatti list" segment, and remarked on Miguel Vazquez:

"Miguel Vazquez: You've heard of track meets? Vazquez is an unabashed runner. Makes you wonder if the Mexican birth certificate is counterfeit."

When asked on an ESNEWS interview about his pick for Mayweather VS Pacquiao:

"It's a Floyd Mayweather fight, right? . . . I love Manny Pacquiao. . . Floyd Mayweather fights a hundred opponents, in a hundred different arenas, that's a hundred times I pick Floyd Mayweather to win by unanimous decision. Okay? It's about control. It's about absence of risk. It's about gradually erasing the other guy. It's about taking all the air out of the balloon, so that the crowd walks away saying 'What was that?' And it's a Floyd Mayweather unanimous decision. He'll win nine or ten rounds."   
(Video released on May 1st)

During the broadcast of Vyacheslav Glazkov VS Steve Cunningham, between rounds 8 and 9, while HBO cuts to a shot of Roy Jones Junior working with Jean Pascal for his match with Sergey Kovalev:

"Roy's a hard worker at everything he does."

On Manny Pacquiao, during the Pacquiao VS Rios broadcast:

"I think Pacquiao is enjoying looking at Rios's swollen, bloodied face."

(Roy Jones Junior replied "He is.")


Featured on HBO's Road to Marquez/Alvarado, during a segment about Mike Alvarado retiring on his stool after taking tremendous punishment from Ruslan Provodnikov:

"That, to me, is one of the most baseless canards in all of boxing. The notion that because you retire you're a quitter? That's ridiculous."

During the Viktor Postol VS Selcuk Aydin broadcast, about Michael Buffer:

"There's Michael-one of the friendliest, nicest, most generous friends you could ever have, Michael Buffer."

During the Demetrius Andrade VS Brian Rose broadcast, about Andrade:

"He also seems to have that Gumby-like elasticity that you see from a lot of really gifted athletes."

During Orlando Salido VS Vasyl Lomachenko:

"Well, I hate to say it, but I think Laurence Cole has done his normal dreadful job. He's just a dreadful referee. Unfortunately, and that's one of the black eyes on the state of Texas. It happens over and over and over."

On Gennady Golovkin, in HBO's Road To Golovkin/Geale:

"He is the subject of the most Paul Bunyanesque stories, relative to his trade, what he does in sparring, in camp... You want to believe that the myth is bigger than reality, and then, on the occasions when I've seen him, reality was pretty much every bit as big as the myth."


During Floyd Mayweather's walk to the ring, on the broadcast for his match with Sharmba Mitchell:

"Now, here comes the man who is probably the most gifted athletic specimen in the sport at this very moment, Floyd Mayweather Junior."

"Yeah, if his market power ever catches up to his talent, that will be a cosmic force in the sport."

During the Sharmba Mitchell match, in round one:

"Floyd Mayweather, over the course of the past two years, has gradually and steadily increased the power on his straight right hand-most devastating punch. He's gone from being a knockout possibility to, in many instances, a knockout puncher."

More quotes will be added, comment if you think you've spotted a correction, please.

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