Saturday, May 24, 2014

Petr Petrov VS Fernando Carcamo: One Sided Action Ends The Tournament

Friday Night Fights on ESPN2 finished off its Boxino tournament last night and it was a successful venture that had been full of dramatic ups and downs, hot competition and good knockouts. I have to hand it to the guys for matching up the opponents well. I really enjoyed it but I was surprised by the one-sided action of the main event. Carcamo took a terrible beating by Petrov and for a few rounds I thought he had nothing in his legs and was kept up only by heart and a very generous (depending on how you look at it) corner and referee. I agree with Teddy Atlas that Carcamo just didn't look right throughout this match. I gave him the first round, narrowly, then it was all Petrov smashing his face with left hooks and right uppercuts, in and out, ducking and weaving, battering and ramming, the rest of the way. Carcamo didn't seem to have any snap, any speed, any accuracy.

I was very surprised. I haven't got a clue if it was all Petrov being better or if there was actually something wrong with Carcamo coming into the ring or perhaps if he got hurt early and never recovered. Petrov is a perfect fighter for ESPN and they should have him back as soon as possible. Congratulations to him. Carcamo's corner almost called it (should have, in my opinion) and there were one or two instances in this fight that were perfect examples of why standing 8 counts SHOULD be in effect in ALL professional boxing matches. Referees need to have this call available to them. Phasing it out is madness. I don't understand how this is not a given.

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