Friday, May 30, 2014

Harold Lederman Compares Julio Cesar Chavez Junior to Senior Unfavourably: Quote Spotlight

It's a rare thing to hear Harold Lederman being personally critical of a fighter and it may not have been particularly fair, given the disparity in virtually every capacity that Julio Cesar Chavez Junior had against Sergio Martinez but it was spotlight-worthy when he criticised Julio Junior with a comparison to his father.

Harld Lederman, during the tenth round of Sergio Martinez VS Julio Cesar Chavez Junior:

"If it's one thing I never expected that was a meek performance by the son of Julio Cesar Chavez Senior. I mean, he just doesn't have that-that vicious gene that his father had. His father was pure mean. This kid is so meek. He's not-just not trying. I mean, he's standing there and, you know, and letting Martinez pound on him like that. I would've never expected this."

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