Sunday, September 14, 2014

Harsh Comments On Kenny Bayless' Performance During Mayweather/Maidana: James Ali Bashir Quote Spotlight

                    (image of discussion involving James Ali Bashir insulting Kenny Bayless on Facebook)

I've been through hours of reading about the big Mayweather/Maidana rematch last night. A rematch of what was a very good contest, with both the lineal Light Middleweight and Welterweight title on the line. It was a match of monetary and historical value that turned into a messy, unfriendly-to-fans clash between not just fighting styles but referee styles, it seems. Now, I've always maintained that Kenny Bayless was a great referee and a man of integrity in an occupation where somehow Laurence Cole is an oft-used referee. But it can't be ignored that Kenny is being badly slated over the perception that he helped make the match a stinker, and in strong favour of Floyd Mayweather Junior. I am highly reluctant to pick on Bayless, considering, as stated, that I've always rated him very highly, both personally and professionally. But I do want to spotlight one surprising catch during my reading of the feedback on his officiating.

While browsing the popular Facebook boxing group/forum called "Boxologist" James Ali Bashir, a man known to have worked closely with the late Emanuel Steward for a long time, and top trainer in his own right, serving on the current Wladimir Klitschko/Johnathon Banks team, apparently making his public disdain for Bayless as clear as possible.

If you can't view the image, Bashir says in one comment: "When they chose this geek to ref, I knew that this would happen! Special$$$interest Groups saw that he would be the ref."

Then comments immediately afterward: "Steve Smoger is probably the best Ref out there at this time! He allows the fighters to fight inside and out. You can't have a good and honest contest unless you allow some inside fighting. Baylis(sic) never allows it!"

I'm sure I don't need to point out the humour in a man on Wladimir Klitschko's team talking about a good, honest contest needing to allow inside fighting. No disrespect intended, to any gentleman mentioned. But it is funny that Klitschko is one of the most highly criticised champions in boxing for getting away with spoiling on the inside with clinching and leaning on his opponents' backs and no inside fighting taking place for the rangy outside fighter. Why James Ali Bashir would make a public statement like that without worry that Bayless wouldn't take it out on one of his fighters, if he figures him so bad, I wouldn't know. But it's worth a quote spotlight, no matter what your opinion of it is, no?

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