Monday, September 1, 2014

Hard Time Corner Blues: Volume 1: Shadeed Suluki VS Andrey Klimov

There's nothing quite like the intensity of a boxing corner between rounds when the fight is going badly for that side. One of the most negative moments I can remember happened in October of 2013 when a blunt Shadeed Suluki laid a verbal assault on an out-of-his-depth Andrey Klimov as Klimov struggled to find openings or get into his fight with Terence Crawford at all. Suluki spoke to his fighter through a translator (always something I find worrisome with these trainer/fighter teams) and he wanted to make certain this didn't get sugarcoated. 

Shadeed Suluki, the break before round nine of ten:

"Tell him I said he's acting like a f***ing coward."

Shadeed Suluki, the break before round ten of ten:

"Either you go get knocked out or you knock him out, in order to win. Go out fighting. Don't go out like a coward. Tell him exactly what I said."

There's a good reason you will rarely ever hear a trainer imply his fighter is a coward on international television. Probably several good reasons.

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