Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ahmed Elbiale VS Dwayne Williams: The Expected Kayo

Friday Night Fights' season finale opened up, for me, eight minutes late, on account of a basketball game. Not the best beginning to an ending, for our backburner sport, was that. It did open with a likely knockout-producer on paper and it certainly produced a knockout.

The setup: Undefeated Egyptian Light Heavyweight prospect Ahmed Elbiale is set up against what Teddy Atlas rightfully points out as a likely showcase opponent in thrice-stopped-in-eight-contests Dwayne Williams. It's a four-round opener to the broadcast and about what you'd expect to open the show. It was nothing unusual, for better or worse.

The fight:

You certainly couldn't fault Williams for trying to take advantage of his television date. He tried to let some bombs go. He did let some bombs go. The only problem for him was so did Elbiale. They both came for a fight but Williams was as outgunned as expected. Before the end of the first round, Elbiale had found the overhand right working. Before the first round ended, it was that overhand right that ended the contest. While in what can only be described as a terrible position and with very unwise timing, Dwayne Williams looked to try and get off with a one-two. But the jab to start it was pushed out from close up and left him open and in range for a full-throttle shot and Williams' own right never had a chance to come out as Elbiale had already unloaded everything you could imagine he had, right over the top of Williams' attempt at a jab and the force of the punch put Williams down, face first, on the canvas, out. Ahmed Elbiale KO1 Dwayne Williams.

Williams was smiling after they rolled him over on his back. I could not tell if the smile signified that old "He got me." gallows humour or if he didn't actually know what was going on. As Elbiale's hand was raised in victory, the camera took a shot of Williams looking dejected on his stool, so the loss had certainly hit home by then. He did himself no disservice. He just wasn't at the level required. With some swagger, Elbiale walked right up to Teddy Atlas and fist-bumped him from the ring, telling him it was nice to meet him, immediately after the kayo happened.

What I think it means: It probably means that Elbiale will be on FNF next season as a still-hot prospect and we'll enjoy it. Williams proves to still be at the level of a game journeyman, though with few matches on his record yet. But, as long as you're game, there's no shame. It's just that getting stopped like that, and stopped for the third time in a row, it may not be worth it to continue. If I had Williams' ear, I think I'd tell him he gave it a shot where most didn't/wouldn't and that might have to be enough for him, for his own health.

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