Thursday, August 7, 2014

Steve Bunce on Marcos Maidana's chances with Floyd Mayweather Junior: Quote Spotlight

"I would be stunned if he freezes like Guerrero did. I would be stunned if shows the amount of respect that Cotto did. I would be stunned if he becomes as frustrated and absolutely lethargic as Alvarez did. All three of those, I think, should have done better. Guerrero I fancied to really push him. This kid won't be bothered, Jim. He is not bothered. He is not phased, and it's not an act. Will he win? I doubt it. Will he hurt him and catch him? I can guarantee you he will. I'm absolutely convinced."

~Steve Bunce, on the BoxNation broadcast of Floyd Mayweather Junior VS Marcos Rene Maidana, shortly before the match began.

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