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Bernard Hopkins' Weight, With Unofficial/Rehydration Weights List

For our resource regarding all rehydration weights in our file, please see this link:
Fight Night Boxing Weights: A List Of Unofficial Weigh-in Weights After Rehydration

This page is here for your reference, comprised of all talk of Bernard Hopkins' weights in the ring that I find relevant, with as full a list as I can find of his unofficial/rehydration weights (and where they went unlisted), or what he likely weighed on fight night, going into the ring, as opposed to his listed official weigh-in weights, which are often misleading in a fighter's career. If you have a source to a missing weight you want to see up here, please link me to a source, so that I may verify it myself. Same for all corrections would be helpful. I will update this page as new information is collected. Thanks to HBO for their focusing on this detail when they are able in their broadcasts, as they have led the pack on this for all other channels. Please note, earlier fights before HBO that I've seen from other channels do not ordinarily do unofficial weights, so little will be found about what Hopkins weighed on fight night for most of his early career.

From latest to earliest:



Bernard Hopkins VS Jean Pascal II (rematch) - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Hopkins: 186
Pascal:    186

Note: Jim Lampley was quoted during the Tale of the Tape feature as saying:
"Bernard Hopkins needed three trips to the scale to ultimately make weight."



Bernard Hopkins VS Jean Pascal I (first meeting) - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Showtime's Tale of the Tape did not include an unofficial weight. 



Bernard Hopkins VS Kelly Pavlik - Contested at Light Heavyweight, with a catch-weight limit of 170 pounds.

Hopkins: 180
Pavlik: 174



Bernard Hopkins VS Ronald Wright - Contested at Light Heavyweight class, with a catch-weight limit of 170 pounds



Bernard Hopkins VS Antonio Tarver - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Hopkins: 182
Tarver: 187



Jermain Taylor VS Bernard Hopkins II - Contested at Middleweight

Taylor: 169


Jermain Taylor VS Bernard Hopkins I - Contested at Middleweight

Hopkins: 168
Taylor: 171



Bernard Hopkins VS Felix Trinidad - Contested at Middleweight



Bernard Hopkins VS Antwun Echols - Contested at Middleweight

Hopkins: 166
Echols: 163



VS Robert Allen (first meeting of three) - Contested at Middleweight
This match was broadcasted on Showtime and there was no unofficial weight listed on their Tale of the Tape.



VS Roy Jones Junior (first meeting) - Contested at Middleweight

HBO did not show an unofficial weight for this match in their Tale of the Tape.

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