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Brandon Rios' Weight, With Unofficial/Rehydration Weights List

For our resource regarding all rehydration weights in our file, please see this link:
Fight Night Boxing Weights: A List Of Unofficial Weigh-in Weights After Rehydration

Last Updated: 24th of January, 2015

This page is here for your reference, comprised of all talk of Brandon Rios' weights in the ring that I find relevant, with as full a list as I can find of his unofficial/rehydration weights (and where they went unlisted), or what he likely weighed on fight night, going into the ring, as opposed to his listed official weigh-in weights, which are often misleading in a fighter's career. If you have a source to a missing weight you want to see up here, please link me to a source, so that I may verify it myself. Same for all corrections would be helpful. I will update this page as new information is collected. Thanks to HBO for their focusing on this detail when they are able in their broadcasts, as they have led the pack on this for all other channels. Please note, earlier fights before HBO that I've seen from other channels do not ordinarily do unofficial weights, so little will be found about what Rios weighed on fight night for most of his pre-title career.

Rios' history with weight is especially of note for his struggle in the choice to fight well below where he is comfortable.

Heaviest known unofficial weight: 163
Lightest known unofficial weight: 149

From latest to earliest:



Brandon Rios VS Mike Alvarado - Contested at Welterweight

Rios: 163
Alvarado:  161


VS Diego Gabriel Chavez - Contested at Welterweight (Chavez weighed one pound over the limit)
Rios: 159
Chaves: 156



VS Manny Pacquiao - Contested at Welterweight

Pacquiao: 150
Rios: 159



VS Mike Alvarado I (First meeting) - Contested at Light Welterweight
Rios: 149 Alvarado: 152



VS John Murray - Scheduled for Lightweight (Rios failing to make the weight limit).

Jim Lampley mentions when HBO's Tale of the Tape is featured, with video of Brandon Rios having to strip completely naked to attempt to make weight: "It was reported in one circle that he went four days without eating. That sounds a little bit hard to believe. But he was sipping tiny sips of water yesterday, into which his manager Cameron Diaz-or Cameron Dunkin, I should say-was pouring small, half tablespoons of salt. I don't really understand that but we can speculate all night about it."


VS Urbano Antillon - Contested at Lightweight:

Al Bernstein says:
"The only number to look at is Brandon Rios had a little bit of a problem making the 135-pound weight limit. He had to take his trunks off at the weigh-in to do it and, of course, we know he's planning on moving up to 140."

Showtime did not list an unofficial/rehydration weight for this match.


VS Miguel Acosta - Contested at Lightweight:

Showtime did not list an unofficial/rehydration weight for this match.



VS Omri Lowther - Contested at Light Welterweight

Rios 157
Lowther: 148
Jim Lampley says while HBO's Tale of the Tape is featured: "Rios tried three times to make the contracted weight of 139, failed to do it, ultimately had to pay Lowther a $5,000 penalty, in order to make the fight go forward."


VS Anthony Peterson - Contested at Lightweight 

Rios: 151
Peterson: 139

*Please comment for corrections/suggestions, what have you.

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