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Floyd Mayweather Junior's Sparring Profile: A Sparring Partner Reference List

This page is designed to be as complete as possible a reference list and guide to the sparring of multiple division champion Floyd Mayweather Junior as can be found. It is part of our main page list for finding sparring partner history, to be found here:

Who Were Their Sparring Partners? A Boxing Reference List For Research Purposes

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1. Tony Pep (then past opponent)
Pep says: "Every day I turned up with a plan to unsettle him. It only took him a few seconds to adapt to whatever I threw at him. He's a special fighter."


2. Pernell Whitaker
Source: Fight Hype

3. Frankie Randall
Source: Fight Hype
4. Steve Forbes
Source: EsNEWS

5. Hastings Bwalya: For Shane Mosley
Source: Lusaka Times

6. Ashley Theophane:
Source: Ring

7. Carlos Baldomir
Source: Bad Left Hook

8. Erik Morales (unverified)

9. Lamont Peterson

10. Paul Spadafora

11. Luis Arias:
Arias and Mayweather's promotional company and gym had a contentious dissolution of their connection, with Arias telling Boxing Scene that he felt it was connected to his friendship with sons of Mayweather's friend Hasim Rahman, Sharif Rahman and Hasim Rahman Junior, who were suing Mayweather for a variety of legal allegations stemming from a filmed sparring match at Mayweather's gym. Arias basically says he was given no reason and cut loose only for his assumption that he was close with the Rahman brothers.

Source: Boxing Scene

12. Deandre Latimore

13. Kassim Ouma

14. Ramon Montano

15. Malik Bosile: Bosile says he sparred Floyd for Floyd's match with Robert Guerrero. Bosile says Floyd joked with him about his Louisiana background by saying "Ain't no good boxers in Louisiana. I'm gonna cook you. I'm gonna cook you and you'll be done like a turkey." but calls Floyd a "Real good guy."
Source: EsNews

16. Errol Spence: One of Mayweather's chief sparring partners for his match with Robert Guerrero. Errol says: "I learned a lot from him. . . he’s patient, he’s always composed no matter what situation he’s in. I like that. It’s been a great experience sparring Floyd Mayweather especially so early in my career. . ."
Source: Ring

17. Jesus Gonzalez: Jesus says they sparred back in 2004 and that he learned a lot and what hard work is. He says he is not surprised by where Floyd is in the sport now. "If you want to be the best, you've gotta train like Floyd." He also says "T. B. E." and whether to your chagrin or satisfaction, I think you know what that stands for by now.

Source: EsNews

18. Bastie Samir
Source: Ashley Theophane

19. Omar Henry
Source: Ashley Theophane

20. J'Leon Love
Source: Ashley Theophane 

21. Zab Judah: Their session was a mutual preparation, as both had scheduled matches, Judah against Rafael Pineda and Mayweather against DeMarcus Corley. This took place in April of 2004. True or false, the story goes that Mayweather gave Judah a terrible hiding for a scheduled four-round spar. Roger Mayweather was quoted as saying he stopped it to prevent Judah getting anymore damage, as I've rephrased it. There is more to the story, if you follow the ESPN link from the pre-fight coverage of Zab and Floyd's professional match together.

Source: ESPN

22. Joseph Elegele: For Floyd's 2013 match with Robert Guerrero: Elegele said: “Floyd, he’s a very, very smart dude. . .He knows the game in and out. He’s been on top for a long time. He knows what moves to make. He’s a very smart dude. We had a quick sparring session, but while it lasted it was real nice. I learned a lot from it.”

Source: Hustle Boss

Extra notes:

1. In a rumour that was laughed off by most, Media Take Out reported that a "snitch" informed them of an unnamed sparring partner knocking Mayweather down on a left hook to the body. All a week before his 2013 fight with Saul Alvarez. I don't take the rumour any more seriously than most. But entertaining it, the anonymous source says he got up to beat his sparring mate to a "bloody pulp" in the aftermath of the knockdown.

Source: Media Take Out

2. During the HBO broadcast of Floyd Mayweather Junior VS Arturo Gatti (June of 2005), in the sixth and final round, Larry Merchant remarked:

"In case you're wondering whether Mayweather will get tired, he sometimes spars ten or fifteen minute rounds, with different sparring partners moving in, to increase his stamina."

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