Saturday, July 26, 2014

What should you do in case of a flash knockdown? GIF Spotlight With Kubrat Pulev

4-Step Maneuver:

Step 1:

Wring your hands in disbelief.

This can be mixed with a sense of accusation toward the referee, to make him second-guess himself or as a gesture of pure self-loathing, as to elicit pity.

Step 2:

Stand on one leg, preferably the left, to prove you are sober. This will either convince the referee you are not drunk, or it will make him laugh and humanise you in his eyes.

Step 3:

Stand on the other leg, preferably the right, if you took Pulev's example and began with the left, to prove you are sober from the other side. If he didn't laugh when you did this on the other leg, he will feel sorry for you, or admire your effort, which will humanise you in his eyes.

Step 4:

Turn your back and walk away in disgust. We are back to making the referee second-guess himself. It's possible he will feel this is all his fault and he is being irrational.

Please, remember, all of this worked for Kubrat against Joey Abell. If you are not confident in doing what Pulev is doing in this GIF, attempt to simplify the maneuver and only wring your hands in disbelief.

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