Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Cringeworthy Commentating Exchange Following Lamon Brewster TKO5 Wladimir Klitschko: Quote Spotlight

From the tenth of April, 2004, quite an exchange from HBO's commentating team at the time, let alone in retrospect:

Larry Merchant: A combination of fatigue, and now, we have to say it, a weak chin, for a heavyweight.

Jim Lampley: Very.

Larry Merchant: You know, we've had some heavyweights, a lot of heavyweights, with great chins, a few of them with good chins, but you can't fight in this weight class, unless you have at least a good chin.

Jim Lampley: Wladimir's chin makes Lennox Lewis' look like granite. I didn't think I'd ever see that.

Roy Jones Junior: It's not so much of his chin as it is his heart though. He's like a dog that can't fight from the bottom.

Jim Lampley: This is a guy who won an Olympic Super Heavyweight Gold Medal. Who was as good as any amateur boxer in the world. Who rose rapidly in the pros. Did he succeed too much too soon to have heart?

Roy Jones Junior: Nope, he did not. He just never had it. It's just that he was so big you never got a chance to see him fight from the down side.

Jim Lampley: Do you think his older brother Vitali has a markedly different personality?

Roy Jones Junior: He has to now, to uphold the family image, or else he'll be disgraced.

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