Monday, July 7, 2014

Faces of what's at stake: Isaac Chilemba, Quote Spotlight

The 27-year-old Isaac Chilemba is a top shelf man in today's Light Heavyweight Division. He is, despite maybe being best known for his matches with recent lineal title challenger Tony Bellew, getting an official win in neither match. He is currently ranked by Ring Magazine as the number eight contender in his division. He's set to face Cory Cummings, next month, in what I say is hopefully a stay-busy showcase. Because, I do think he's a very interesting player in this division. He gave all the subtle angles to the teak-tough Denis Grachev on NBC Sports, back in March of this year, and he should have set himself up for another big TV date with that technical domination.

I would not write him off against any of the division's top three-Stevenson, Hopkins or Kovalev. He's a legitimate contender, in my opinion. He may not have the exciting punching power of "Krusher" or "Superman" by a very long shot. . . but he's got the craft, and after his matches with Bellew and Grachev, as well as Edison Miranda, the experience is there too. I was impressed by his performance against Grachev and recently reviewed that match, leading me to spotlight this quote from Chris Mannix during the NBC Sports broadcast:

"Welcome back to Fight Night. Well, Isaac Chilemba is in the ring and he has taken a very perilous path to get here. Chilemba grew up in Malawi, a small country in Southeast Africa, a country that has been ravaged by HIV and with a high infant mortality rate. Chilemba's mother actually died of HIV when he was seventeen years old. Chilemba turned pro shortly thereafter. In addition to becoming a world champion, Chilemba has vowed to create a better life for his brother and sister. He's done exactly that. Both of them are enrolled in university in South Africa, and Chilemba's footing the bill for it."

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