Monday, February 12, 2018

Juan Manuel Marquez Always Has A Follow-Up Punch: GIF Spotlight

"Dinamita" is not Juan Manuel Marquez's nickname for nothing. In Coeur d'Alene Casino, in Worley, Idaho, October of 2001, he took on Johnny Walker. Many have taken on Johnnie Walker, but this is the fighter, Johnny Walker. Walker was known to give his opponents a gift before the fight. You guessed it, a bottle of Johnnie Walker, as a sign of competitive respect. Gimmicks can really help. This time, not so much. Walker would go from 18-3, before this match, to 18-21 after less than one minute of action with the future Mexican legend. The fight was also another demonstration of JMM pretty much always having a follow-up punch in the knockdowns he scores. They're like shrapnel.  

The first knockdown, with that tail-end left hook to start:

The second and final knockdown/knockout, 56 seconds into the first minute of the first round:

Walker seemed very disoriented for some time as his people told him to sit in the corner. I don't think he believed in the stoppage. It was a rough one. The back of his head hitting the canvas was as much a doozy as the punch. But boxing needs its Johnny Walkers like it needs its JMM's to make the sport go around.

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