Monday, January 29, 2018

Ricardo Lopez's Slip & Uppercut KO VS Ala Villamor: GIF Spotlight

The undefeated Hall of Fame Mexican legend Ricardo Lopez defended his title against Ala Villamor in March of 1996. This beauty of a move laid the Filipino challenger into Onepunchville. Incidentally, this same year, Lopez says it was informally discussed that instead of fighting this particular Filipino, he would fight a very young, very scrawny, other Filipino named Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao.

It was probably turned down over concerns about viably making the unlikely weight of an adult male (Minimumweight Division = 105 pounds maximum). It's an interesting thought, considering the connections you might make from Lopez to JMM. Lopez would retire a 108-pound light flyweight titlist in 2001 and Pacquiao now still fights at 147 pounds. He likely returns in April against a person.

Ala Villamore would not fight again, by the way.

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