Sunday, January 21, 2018

Naseem Hamed Stars In: The Damnedest Uppercut (GIF Spotlight)

Another excellent "Boom Boom," Mr. Tom Johnson, attempted to unify his IBF Featherweight Title with Prince Naseem Hamed's WBO Featherweight Title in February of 1997, at London Arena. Courageously trying to adjust to Hamed's uncannily awkward style, Johnson was met with awkward power punch after awkward power punch, as Hamed shook off every attempt to thwart him. The end came on one of the damnedest uppercut finishes I've seen land. Of all the fast, strangely thrown haymakers of the night, this took the cake:

How Hamed found the shot, the combination of anticipation and speed, it's eerie. After some false starts, Johnson found it in him to even get up from this shot before the count was up, but it was rightfully waved off by referee Rudy Battle.

Work that bag,
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