Friday, May 22, 2015

Povetkin VS Perez Outcome: Referee Massimo Barrovecchio Might've Been As Surprised

The same Mike Perez that seemed to have as solid a beard as anyone has against 220+ pound fighters, took his shot against what I assume is the second best and most accomplished contender in the division, Alexander Povetkin, who is now the hottest looking fighter, including the champion himself at the moment. Shockingly, to me, and many others, Povetkin found Perez hard enough to wobble him almost immediately, with a sharp right hand, and then about the second half of the very first round, he'd planted Perez with two big right hands, hard enough to stiffen Mike like he'd been shot before falling to the canvas. I was surprised that after this knockdown:

Italian referee and judge Massimo Barrovecchio, (an aged Nintendo game icon, is my suspicion) perhaps taken aback by the early trouble Perez was in, sees Perez stand up, doesn't ask him to walk forward, doesn't wipe his gloves off, sees his hands still down, absolutely no indication that he can defend himself, and calls for the fight to continue. It's no wonder the Irish(ish) Perez goes down almost immediately afterward. A very surprising handling of that knockdown, here:

As I said, maybe he was just frazzled by the surprise of Mike unable to take Sasha's punches. Devastating. Will we ever see Perez as a serious contender again? A worrisome performance from Mike and a bit from Barrovecchio, I consider this. Povetkin, however, shined. He's the only one of Klitschko's opponents in the last ten years to take a loss to the champ and maintain a clear look as the number one contender again, that I remember, in the last ten straight years. Congratulations, Mr. Povetkin. You're as useful to heavyweight boxing as any other man.

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