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Emanuel Steward On Wladimir Klitschko VS Charles Shufford: GIF & Quote Spotlight

                                          (Probe, slap down guard, right cross)

A few months before Lennox Lewis avenged his loss to Hasim Rahman by devastating knockout, Wladimir Klitschko took on fellow prospect, Charles Shufford, in August of 2001. Shufford was 17-1, and had played George Foreman in Ali, bringing the star of the film, Will Smith, to the ring with him that night. Shufford had actually defeated Lamon Brewster the year before and challenged Wlad for his WBO title, which was not yet regarded to be a major world title at the time. THE champion was Hasim Rahman and Klitschko was then highly regarded as a prospect more than a champion. It was a very interesting broadcast, because Klitschko impressed in scoring three picturesque knockdowns and his future friend and trainer was sitting in as HBO commentator. What he had to say showed that he was taking serious notice. It's easy to see how Emanuel Steward went from training the major heavyweight force of ca 1995-2003 to training the major heavyweight force of ca 2005-2015 (and counting). 

Emanuel Steward:

Round 1: 

"Wladimir, right now, is looking for a right hand. He said his favourite fighter was Max Schmeling and he fights to some degree like him, like many of the European heavyweights. Basically, probing with the left hand, always looking for an opening for the beautiful right hand of his."

Round 4:

"The right hand that Klitschko is shooting is one of the best right hands that I've ever saw. Not just today, but probably in the history of boxing."

Later in round 4:

"Klitschko's got such a good jab. It's an off-beat jab. He's moving his body rhythm at one speed and then he's punching the jab off at a different speed and it's making it very difficult for Shufford to time it."

                                  (A mess of setting up moves for this right hand)


"So much for the left hook that I said didn't exist."

                                             (The beautiful short left hook)

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