Monday, May 18, 2015

Quotes About Power: Willie Monroe Junior On Gennady Golovkin

Willie Monroe Junior gave Gennady Golovkin a good workout on Saturday night, getting into an awful lot more trading than most have been able to survive lately. While he did get stopped after multiple knockdowns, he is another Golovkin opponent who didn't seem particularly awestruck by Golovkin's power, but instead pointed to the way it was delivered. From his post-fight interview with TstreeT Controversy LIVE:

"He's definitely powerful. Not THE hardest I've been hit, but he hits pretty hard. He's accurate. That's the difference. I don't care how hard you hit."

I personally expect Monroe Junior to maintain relevance in the division on the back of what he showed with Golovkin and his outings on ESPN2's Friday Night Fights. We will see.

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Full interview here:

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