Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ray Leonard On His Punching Power: Quote Spotlight

"I'm not known to be a big puncher. I'm known to be a consistent puncher, and if the first one doesn't get you, I'll get you with the next one."

~Sugar Ray Leonard, in interview featured during HBO's build-up documentary program for his match with Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

The mind of Ray Leonard is probably a perfect study for an example of a winner's mentality. I always thought despite getting so much focus on his methods in the Hagler and second Duran fight, whenever possible, Ray had his mind on knockouts as the ultimate goal. He may not be remembered as a puncher, but I think he had a champion boxer's vicious streak that made him as dangerous as some of history's greater punchers, and more than enough power to support it. Maybe this quote reminds us that SRL had a mind to end his opponents before the final bell, and almost always believed he would, whether he had the highest level of power on each single punch or not. Ray is often called a "Boxer-Puncher" to describe him as a fighter. I say, you can't forget the "puncher" anymore than you can forget the "boxer" when describing him and it's too often downplayed when talking about him. He had the power and he had the will to let it be the decider of outcomes when he stepped into the ring.

If the first one doesn't get you, I'll get you with the next one = I want my knockouts and I'm going to get them.

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