Monday, November 24, 2014

Styles Still Make Fights: Quote Spotlight

"Understand, boxing isn't a straight line. It's not better versus worse. It's really rock-paper-scissors."

Richard Dwyer, on his Youtube channel, which I regularly check, in discussing the way Algieri's style was poorly matched with Manny Pacquiao's, on Saturday night. Fans grow tired of hearing the phrase "Styles make fights." but this is a nice alternative phrasing for something that will always be true, whether its reminders get tiresome or not.

I'm reading through fans slating Algieri as an irrelevant fighter before and an irrelevant fighter now. But, he held a major world title before, and he still holds one in that weight class. Irrelevant, he is apparently not. His 2014 may have been full of busy jumps up in quality of opposition, in bigger and bigger stages, starting great on ESPN, moving to difficult but still great on regular HBO with an upset, and ending harshly, but on a large PPV event.  Either way, regardless of the ending of the year for him, it's all made him quite relevant. One fight does not make or break a whole career. Styles do make fights as much as levels, people. Keep it in mind when discussing Algieri's future.

Source video direct link: Dwyer 11-23-14 Post Fight Manny Pacquiao v. Chris Algieri

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