Friday, May 1, 2015

Jim Lampley Predicts Wide Points Decision of Mayweather Over Pacquiao: Quote Spotlight

When asked on an ESNEWS interview, published today, about his pick for Mayweather VS Pacquiao, Jim Lampley gave what some seem to think is a highly surprising answer, considering the personal opinion he's displayed for Floyd Mayweather Junior in the past. Although, I can't ever remember Jim Lampley putting down Mayweather's professional abilities, so I can't say I'm particularly surprised by the comment, caught outside his HBO broadcasting habitat, where he isn't obligated to promote the intrigue of these contests. 

"It's a Floyd Mayweather fight, right? . . . I love Manny Pacquiao. . . Floyd Mayweather fights a hundred opponents, in a hundred different arenas, that's a hundred times I pick Floyd Mayweather to win by unanimous decision. Okay? It's about control. It's about absence of risk. It's about gradually erasing the other guy. It's about taking all the air out of the balloon, so that the crowd walks away saying 'What was that?' And it's a Floyd Mayweather unanimous decision. He'll win nine or ten rounds." 

So, regardless of a the common perception of Jim Lampley's bias for Manny Pacquiao and against Floyd Mayweather Junior, he apparently has no problem saying, when out of the confines of his channel, that he flatly assumes Floyd Mayweather will decisively outbox Manny Pacquiao. The context for a domination call isn't just that it's one star fighter over another, but that it's in a fight being advertised as one of the most intriguing and important megafights that modern boxing has had to offer in about a decade, if not several. That, my friends, is the fight game. That is the business.

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