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Bob Arum Trolls ESPN Viewers: Troll Quote Of The Week Included, Complete With Southpaw Myth And Hitler Comparison

In the world of boxing, a promoter's job is not to tell any version of the truth, let alone nothing but the truth. But sometimes a promoter will engage in noteworthy BS, even for a promoter! Do they figure everyone is ignorant? I doubt it. I assume they think it works on two levels. 1. Some casual fans really are ignorant enough to fall for anything they want to fall for. 2. Fans who know better will be infuriated and there's just no bad publicity in it regardless, no matter what's drumming up the interest. Arum's quote, played on ESPN's Friday Night Fights broadcast, on the seventh, during an interview with Todd Grisham:

"Don't you understand why the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight can't and won't happen? Listen, I promoted Mayweather for over ten years. The one thing I learned during that period is that Mayweather doesn't like to fight-doesn't want to fight a southpaw. Why? Because his whole style-defensively-is geared for a right-handed fighter. And to compound that, if the southpaw is really fast and moves, that would give Mayweather and his style a lot of trouble and it would really jeopardize Mayweather's record as an undefeated fighter. That's why the fight is not happening. Because-I mean this is almost like before the second world war. You know, Hitler wanted this and Hitler wanted that and if you gave him this then peace would occur. But it was never enough. It was never enough because Hitler's dream was to go to war and conquer all of Europe, if not the world. Now, Mayweather's dream is to stay undefeated. So, whatever you give him, if Manny agreed to fight for nothing, it wouldn't be enough. Don't you understand that?"

Now, Bob Arum may be 82-years-old, but this man is still as capable, on a pure artistry level, as any promoter who walks the earth. He trolls as well as Oscar could ever hope to, even past his prime. Floyd Mayweather is like Hitler. He has made it obvious that he can make millions of dollars fighting virtually anyone he hand picks. If someone is a mandatory challenger for a belt he has and he doesn't want to fight them, he doesn't need the belt and he can vacate and move on. He's shown us it's just that easy at his level of stardom. Yet he chose to face Robert Guerrero, a southpaw, as one of his two opponents in 2013, Victor Ortiz, a southpaw, as his only opponent of 2011; and when he moved up to welterweight, who were the first two opponents he faced? Southpaw Sharmba Mitchell and likely the fastest southpaw he could've conceivably found at the weight, Zab Judah. Who forced him to fight these guys exactly? He keeps deliberately choosing and clearly defeating southpaws, so he must be . . . avoiding southpaws because his defense isn't geared for them!

With the Mayweather southpaw myth invoked, one that anyone who has any familiarity with Floyd should have the intelligence to debunk, and a Hitler comparison made, Bob Arum laid down a trolling to rival all trollings. It was like watching Picasso paint.

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