Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Andy Vences VS Dominic Coca: Machismo VS Skill

Andy Vences was, for all I could see, pitch-perfect in his match against Dominic Coca- unless you're an ungodly nitpick. It was a tough, game guy with some frustrated bluster against what looked like a beautifully well-schooled boxer, last night. Coca landed maybe only one significant looking right hand to the head but overall he was intercepted with his best shots and blasted with accurate check hooks and jabs, no matter what he tried or how hard he followed or baited Vences to brawl. Coca did the best he could do with what he had and was forced into corner retirement having no success, talk of a damaged left hand and a day job to worry about. He's got nothing to be ashamed about in his performance. He wanted it, he got it, he did what he could with it for his circumstances.

Andy Vences is now on my radar. I was very, very impressed with his excellent performance. I think he's shown himself one to watch. He had the honour of best pure boxing performance on the FS1 card, in my opinion. He may not have the punching power that gets the casuals riles up but what I saw was some very aesthetically pleasing boxing and some very interesting potential, whether it's at Super Featherweight or Lightweight (this was held over the 130 limit). Andy Vences, still undefeated prospect, with a sharp performance and 3rd- round RTD/TKO victory in his TV date. Let's get him back for another card soon, Fox.

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