Friday, February 14, 2014

Wendy Toussaint VS Anthony Gangemi - Uglyish 4-Round Decision Starts The ESPN Broadcast

For the first Friday Night Fights match tonight we got a scrappy 4-rounder. Wendy Toussaint shoved Anthony Gangemi down in round one and round two, earning a warning from the referee. He was clearly the more powerful man but seemed to fight nervously, trying with little discretion to land big uppercuts but landing some powerful body shots early. Teddy Atlas is spot on about Toussaint giving up his height.

In round three, Gangemi managed to pull Toussaint down. Three rounds where someone goes down and no official knockdowns! Toussaint seems to want to use his height here and there but be too excitable to do so. He gets drawn into a fight more in the third round. Toussaint really, really loads up from the outside and almost faux-bolo-punches to no avail. He does it several times in this match.

You can't fault either on their work-rate tonight but while the effort is there, there just isn't much craft behind it. It's a wide, telegraphed display from these gentlemen, early in their pro career. I almost get the feeling that if either of these guys had shortened up their punches just a bit, we'd have had a knockout. For who, I don't know. The fight ends with Toussaint getting his fourth four-round decision victory, but this time a majority decision off the back of three UD's. He'll have to wait for his first professional knockout, I guess. I hope he shortens up those punches and works on his jab.

Teddy Atlas' unofficial scorecard:
Total score: 39-37, for Toussaint

Toussaint Rounds: 2-4
Gangemi: 1

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