Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Paulie Malignaggi Takes Shot At ESPN Troublemaker Skip Bayless: Quote Spotlight

In an Interview with ThaBoxingVoice, posted the eighth of May, 2015, Paulie Malignaggi lets you know what he thinks of ESPN's Skip Bayless and First Take's take on the sport of boxing. In the middle of one of his many anti-Pacquiao rants, when asked about Bayless covering the shoulder injury controversy, he seems a little flustered at the very idea of somehow being informed by the program and its talking head. Paulie says:

"No, I don't watch Skip Bayless on First Take. Because I'll get-you get stupider by the minute if you watch that guy talk about boxing."

If that wasn't clear enough, he adds that he does not want to get stupider in his life and that Bayless doesn't know anything about boxing. It was a funny moment because the boxing coverage involving rants of Skip Bayless is routinely mocked as blatant trolling from those frequenting boxing forums. Let me tell you this: If there's one concept boxing forumites should be able to spot, it is most definitely the concept of trolling. It is not just a pastime of the forumites, but a professional priority of those who cover boxing, unfortunately. One which my little nook of the Internet hopes not to propagate. All things considered, having seen enough Skip clips on the aforementioned boxing forums, I think I can understand why Paulie might have arrived at the quoted conclusions.

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Full interview: 

Page address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkCufYuPLFE

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