Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Military Brat Quote Spotlight, With The Klitschko Brothers

In the English translation version of the 2011 Klitschko documentary, Wladimir and Vitali touched on the many aspects of growing up in the Soviet Union, as military brats. One segment quoted them this way:

Wladimir: "Of course, Vitali was the one who was always getting into trouble. He messed around with lots of things. One time, on a military base, we found some grenades and live ammunition. We threw them into a fire. It made a lot of noise. It was fun. "

Vitali: "One time we found an anti-tank mine. It was a huge disc. I took it home with me and the only place I could find to hide it was under my father's bed. I went to bed and then I heard my father shouting. He came to me and grabbed me by the ear. "He said, "What is that?" I said, "It's a mine." 
"Did you bring it in here?" I said, "Yes."

Wladimir: "Our parents were strict, so he ended up paying for that with a belt on his bottom."

In fairness to Mr. & Mrs. Klitschko, I think a lot of parents would've taken the belt out for sleeping above an anti-tank mine. You've got to find a way to discourage that!

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