Friday, May 8, 2015

Muhammad Ali Gets Bullied By Jimmy Young: GIF Spotlight

The Greatest, at the weigh-in for his 1976 match with Jimmy Young, clowning with Young from behind a high guard, while Jimmy pretends to pummel him. You can see familiar characters sneaking in behind, I'm sure. Muhammad had already done a sparring exhibition with Young in 1971. He clowned pretty hard in that too! This footage came from ABC, I believe, but it was shared on Youtube for download by the Internet boxing fan's best friend, the channel sweetfights. Thanks to them for sharing these gems in their collection. I only happened to catch this by happenstance, shown at the beginning of the broadcast for Kenny Norton VS Ron Stander. In some ways, this fight was a borderline disaster in the heavyweight division, but boxing is never short of matches that just make you shake your head. If you haven't seen it, you might find this weigh-in GIF more entertaining than the match itself. But it's still an interesting part of the history of the division.

Work that bag,
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