Thursday, April 16, 2015

Floyd Mayweather Junior's Straight Right To The Body: GIF Spotlight

In Floyd Mayweather Junior's first welterweight campaign match, he deconstructed one of his several talented southpaw opponents in former major world titlist Sharmba Mitchell. Sharmba was nailed multiple times by one major orthodox-VS-southpaw weapon: The straight right to the body. It ended the fight.

During this HBO broadcast, Roger Mayweather, to Floyd, in the corner before the fifth round: "Keep walking him down. When you get close to him, then you let your hands go. . .And keep trying to throw the right hand to the body."

HBO commentator Roy Jones Junior, during the post-fight replays:
"Straight right hand to the body-the best punch against a southpaw."

HBO commentator Larry Merchant in the final round: "That was a hard right hand to the body. You don't often see that. Mayweather has great discipline and great *intuition* in the ring. That's where that right hand to the body comes from."

All night long, with this punch:

Floyd Mayweather Junior TKO6 Sharma Mitchell, 19th of November, 2005. Notice, he even threw it twice in a row to end the contest.

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