Wednesday, April 8, 2015

David Tua KO's John Ruiz After Larry Merchant Quote Of The Day: GIF Spotlight/Quote Spotlight

15th of March, 1996:

David Tua's reputation as one of the most dangerous contenders of the 1990's and early 2000's was largely built upon this spot on HBO, viciously blowing out fellow prospect and future major world titlist John Ruiz, and doing so immediately after the first bell. Larry Merchant had just summed up the assessment of these two fighters at the time. 

Larry Merchant, During the HBO broadcast of David Tua VS John Ruiz:

"There's a lot of interest in Tua, because he comes out of that fabulous school of Marciano, and Frazier, and Tyson- that type of fighter. But he's going up against the best schooled of the young heavyweights out there-Ruiz, who is a stablemate, incidentally, of Lennox Lewis."

This was all before Ruiz's now notorious reputation for developing a mauling, spoiling style to frustrate, baffle and even defeat top names, including Evander Holyfield. Ruiz would be the first of four former or future world titlists that David Tua would defeat in his career. All would be by knockout. Ruiz wouldn't be stopped again until meeting David Haye at the age of 38, nearly fourteen years later, in his 55th and final match to date, and by a late-round corner retirement. Ruiz proved both very durable and very good at surviving when hurt throughout his overall career. So, the Tua KO1 Ruiz performance was one of many potent statements of raw power by the Samoan slugger. To sum up, John Ruiz faced two Davids in his career and only lost by knockout to the two Davids he faced. Coincidence? Sure. If you believe what "they" want you to believe!

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