Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Muhammad Ali's Battle Rub For Earnie Shavers: GIF Spotlight

On the twenty-ninth of September, 1977, Muhammad Ali came to defend the heavyweight title of the world against The Acorn, Earnie Shavers. Shavers was a notorious puncher and Ali showed up clowning and with talk that his camp wasn't particularly disciplined. Here he takes time out to rub the head of one of the greatest punchers of all time (and I think either Referee Johnny LoBianco or someone in Earnie's corner). First before the fight, and then during the fight, The Acorn gets shined up. Ali, the kind of man that would play kick the can in the lion's den, just to annoy the lions before hunting them. Some people have a battle cry, some people have a battle rub. To each their own.

Work that bag,
Basement Gym Boxing

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