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What is Mayweather's record against southpaws? No one knows? Let's see. . .

The above image is not that of a fighter while being actively ducked or winning. This is apparently a difficult concept to grasp. 

"He has fought so many southpaws as an amateur that he's very hip to what to do to 'em."

~Al Bernstein, on Floyd Mayweather Junior possibly being thrown by Reggie Sanders' southpaw stance in his second professional fight, on ESPN, as commentator during the match in question.

So, before his first professional match against a southpaw was complete, the talk was already of being experienced against southpaws.

Floyd Mayweather Junior then went on to face eight of them in total, as a professional, all without suffering defeat, as follows:

1996: Reggie Sanders: Unanimous decision in his second fight.
1997: Bobby Giepert: KO1 victory, in his sixth fight.
1997: Jesus (Roberto) Chavez: TKO5 victory, in his ninth fight.
2004: DeMarcus Corley: Unanimous decision victory over twelve rounds, in his thirty-second fight.
2005: Sharmba Mitchell: TKO6 victory, in his thirty-fifth fight.
2006: Zab Judah: Unanimous decision victory over twelve rounds, in his thirty-sixth fight.
2011: Victor Ortiz: KO4 victory, in his forty-second fight.
2013: Robert Guerrero: Unanimous decision victory over twelve rounds, in his forty-fourth fight.

His total record against southpaws: 8-0-0, with four knockouts. So, he's never drawn with or had anything worse than a unanimous decision victory against 8 different southpaws. Five of the eight southpaws (that's a majority here, if you're mathematically challenged) have been major world titlist names. So, he's faced and decisively defeated southpaws throughout his career, from his time as a prospect, to his time as a young champion, to his status as a pound-for-pound elite PPV celebrity.

Where does the Mayweather southpaw myth come from? We all know the myth we're talking about. Where does it come from? Ignorance, manipulation, stupidity, lack of integrity, any of those, I would say. Maybe Bob Arum would know something about this propaganda as well. Now, if you debunk the Mayweather southpaw myth on Tuesday morning, and you're missing the high you get from it, just take comfort in the fact that it will be as unharmed as ever by Tuesday afternoon, and you'll have a fresh chance to debunk it again, if that's your thing. That is the power of myths.

It seems that every day, as I comb the Internet forums to see what boxing fans are bickering about, it comes up. Every time, it is just as wrong as it ever was. People do believe what they want. But the question is: How many fighters in the sport of boxing have fought eight southpaws, let alone five major world titlist southpaws, and beaten them all by no worse than unanimous decision or knockout, let alone done any better? Can you think of one around at the moment? I can't. How about ever? Let me know your thoughts. I'm genuinely curious if you can name any or have any corrections about these statistics.

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