Friday, February 6, 2015

Tyson Fury Is Not The Only Boxer To Punch Himself In The Face: GIF Spotlight

On the sixteenth of July, 2010, Zab Judah matched Jose Armando Santa Cruz on ESPN and stopped him in the second round. Before stopping him, he put him down with arguably his best punch, the left uppercut. The punch and fall looked like a dramatic sequence for the highlight reels, but upon further review, and slow motion replay, Zab does indeed punch himself right in the face. Yet Tyson Fury is always the one who gets picked on for this undoubtedly complicated maneuver. He is the Charlie Brown of uppercutting yourself in the face. Why's everybody always pickin' on him? Granted, Judah is more skilled and managed to crack two people flush but that's the way it is at the lighter weights. They're always more athletic and coordinated!

Work that bag,
Basement Gym Boxing

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