Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Adventures of Doctor Butthammer: GIF Spotlight (SFW)

While a far cry from Wladdy's favourite foul, in the old veteran's bag of tricks, and one I've never noticed him use before, here is a painfully obvious battering ram effort against Tyson Fury. It reminds me of the blatant butting perpetrated by Victor Ortiz on Floyd Mayweather Junior. If you can't outbox 'em, and you can't outfight 'em, you can always let 'em know you still care with the sour scent of desperation, bottled and gift-wrapped. Wlad's desperation was warranted, as he was finally dethroned on this night, the twenty-eighth of November, 2015, losing the only true heavyweight championship of the world to young Mr. Tyson Fury, slick gypsy warrior and chinchilla-clad troll extraordinaire.

***This was pointed out to me by a few members of Youtube Nation, including swtpee12 and Fight Night***

Work that bag,
Basement Gym Boxing

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