Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gausha On Display: Terrell Gausha VS Cesar Vila

The setup: 

2012 Olympian from Cleveland, Terrell Gausha, undefeated as a pro, takes on fellow prospect Cesar Vila on the opening ESPN2 bout for their nice card in Temecula, California.

The action:

While there were times when Gausha was muscled back, smothered a bit, caught while stationary with his guard, leaving a nice target for a big swing from his Cesar Vila, it's nitpicking with this excellent prospect. He put on a good performance with good action for his television audience. Gausha's offense was so pretty last night I think there could've been a novella called "Terrell Gausha's punches and Shawshank Redemption" by Stephen King.

He may have room for improvement when a guy is putting the pressure on, but he also walked Cesar Vila, a gritty foe, onto plenty of left hooks and right uppercuts as he came in. Here and there, Gausha worked a stiff-arm maneuver on Vila without him knowing quite how to deal with it, getting measured and kept in place with that left and smacked with the right. Jack Reiss, in his discretion, didn't have much to say about that, as many refs don't. When Vila did his best to drag Gausha into a fire fight, particularly before he he had Gausha on the ropes, he got battered more and more up to the time of the stoppage. It's not many young fighters that can land sweat-flying jab/straight right combinations from so close, the way Terrell did. Blistering, short, sharp, accurate, and while under intense aggression.

The ending:

With a big lead and in the zone Gausha stood in front of Vila and fired two rapid one-two's for a four-punch demolition. The way Vila hit the deck and the wide lead seem to have been the decider for Referee Jack Reiss to go ahead and call it immediately, though in the eighth and final round. There was a protest in the corner that was censored by ESPN. They weren't happy. I believe I heard Jack say first "I seen enough, man." and then "Hey, look at the score cards." to the corner. The stoppage was a little questionable, partly because Vila was ready to get up and continue and it was called before he had a chance to try and show Jack Reiss this, and partly because it was nearing the final bell. I can neither strongly agree nor disagree with it. I understand Jack's stoppage, I think, and I understand also why the corner was upset. I guess that's why being a referee means always knowing that you'll never please everyone, but you might at least keep someone well enough to fight another day. Gausha KO8 Vila.

What it means to me: 

While I have plenty of time for complimenting Gausha, I've got some for Vila too. He was not technically in Gausha's class but that is not to say he doesn't have class. I will not be at all surprised if I see Vila come back from this one. He landed more than a couple bombs, didn't allow himself time to be discouraged in getting the worst of the action and went out on his shield, he can come back better. He is 28-years-old and clearly has a fighter's heart and mentality. Gausha's stock didn't rise so much as his experience did. Eight more pro rounds in the books, still remaining an excellent prospect and a very good choice for any channel that wants to have him on the card. Fox, ESPN, even Showtime seem to know he's a good pick when available. The guy is good TV and a well-schooled threat.

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