Thursday, December 18, 2014

Another Friendly Arum Quote Reminder...Oscar De La Hoya, on Mayweather VS Pacquiao

"We know Pacquiao wants the fight. We know Mayweather wants the fight. That's a given, you know, and Bob Arum is coming out with this nonsense that Richard Schaefer is not even involved with Mayweather, you know, it's ridiculous, now, what Bob is talking. You know, everybody wants the fight- except Bob Arum. He doesn't want the fight. What's the problem? Let's make it happen."

~Oscar De La Hoya in 2011 interview with Fight Hub.

Does anyone else find it odd that De La Hoya said both fighters want the fight and Arum doesn't, in 2011? Does anyone else find it odd that this is exactly what Alex Ariza said while working with Pacquiao in 2011 and exactly what Ariza reiterated while working with Mayweather in 2014? Me, I find it odd.

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