Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chris Arreola Seals It With A Kiss: GIF Spotlight

Although Chris Arreola looked as close to the end of his career as I've ever seen him, in his last match with relative unknown Curtis Harper; he has been a mainstay of the heavyweight division for several years and still plies his trade for the television audience. As the durable, jiggly, heavy-handed contender with fun interviews and fun brawls, he's picked up many fans who figured he'd probably never be at the top, but appreciated him anyway. Here he is forcing a first-round stoppage on ESPN2 over southpaw slugger Joey Abell, in 2011.

Arreola must have been pumped knowing he was going to get the kind of fight he loves with Abell and pounded him out, stayed in his face, refused to let Referee Tony Crebs usher him aside and planted a smackeroo right on his cheek for good measure! In typical Arreola fashion, if he gets the slightest hint you can't take his punches, he's on you like Jim Inhofe on a snowball. Ask the bizarre choice for Deontay Wilder's first title defense, Eric Molina, who was also stopped in the first by Chris. Now, I don't recall Molina getting kissed, but he's apparently got some kind of luck from somewhere to get a world title shot at random. Maybe Arreola kissed him for good luck when I wasn't looking. Either way, I'd like to predict a Wilder KO1 outcome. Shannon Briggs might even get salty.

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