Monday, June 15, 2015

Brandon Rios' Retrospectively Cringeworthy Quote On Pacquiao VS Margarito

Brandon Rios, before he'd reached the major world title fight scene, back in 2010, was working alongside Antonio Margarito in Robert Garcia's gym. Margarito's match with Manny Pacquiao was coming up HBO's 24/7 lead-up documentary was being filmed, which, perhaps surprisingly, was a four-part series. When the two gym buddies were interviewed in the second episode of the four, with Margarito's arm slung around Brandon's shoulder, Brandon made his opinion on the outcome clear.

Brandon Rios on Pacquiao VS Margarito, 2010:

"Pacquiao's making excuses that he's not training, he's missing the election,
all that. But, you know what? To me, I think he's scared, and Freddie Roach is
scared, 'cause he's not gonna be the superstar no more. He's just going to be
a-maybe-uh, super, maybe. But the star that's coming up is going to be Margarito.
I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to cancel the fight, saying that 'I hurt my hand.'
 or something, just 'cause he's scared."

To think that a few years down the line, Pacquiao would've dominated and beat up both of these fellows after this comment is sort of funny. I don't believe either won a single round out of twelve a piece against the littler tornado. I guess we all need a serving of crow in our diet, at some point. Incidentally, there is talk of Tony Margarito coming back to boxing, against all odds.

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