Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Boxing Quote Spotlight: Jim Lampley & Roy Jones Junior Agree On Pacquiao's Spite

Hilariously, before talking up Manny Pacquiao's kindness of character, the HBO crew, only moments before, had chimed in during the final round of Manny Pacquiao's showdown with Brandon Rios with:

Jim Lampley: "I think Pacquiao is enjoying looking at Rios's swollen, bloodied face."

Roy Jones Junior: "He is."

You've got to love it. Boxing commentary and coverage is politics. You can play up two completely contradictory angles to get people's attention and have it work on the same people like magic. Kind, compassionate Manny Pacquiao never wants to hurt his opponent much. Hey, nothing personal.  He doesn't buy into all of this adversarial bad blood. He just wants to make people happy.

. . .But he really enjoys staring at the damage his fists do! He holds a grudge! He will make you pay for your insolence and enjoy it! Bang! Bang! Bang!

. . .But, maybe he's just too nice about it. Maybe he holds himself back because of his religious nature. It's funny whether it's on purpose or not.

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