Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tim Bradley Gets Comfort Food In Corner Against Chaves: Quote Spotlight

Jim Lampley, HBO commentator, at the beginning of the twelfth round between Tim Bradley and Diego Chaves:

"I've seen a lot of implements used to treat swelling in the corner. I don't know if I've seen the bean dip can before. But, Joel Diaz, extremely respected trainer, using that bean dip can. Maybe next week we'll see a lot of fighters with them. "

This fight is currently available on HBO's site, for subscribers. It was a scrappy affair that disfigured Tim Bradley's face and probably led to an unjust draw where he should've taken a victory. Trying to find a still from the corner with the bean dip can proved interesting, because the only other upload of the full match, broadcasted in a language I could not identify, edited the footage so that there was a plain, blue lid with no label on the can. Tim Bradley, a worker if ever there was one, works hard in fights you might think he wouldn't and did so in the Chaves match, in December of 2014. He'll be back for the first time this year at the end of this month. I suspect it's going to be another night of hard work. That's the way Timbo likes it. Physical and difficult, necessary or not. 

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