Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Julio Cesar Chavez Rates Oscar De La Hoya: Quotes About Power

Through the interpreter, in interview with HBO's Larry Merchant, the seventh of July, 1996, right after he lost to Oscar De La Hoya, Julio Cesar Chavez Senior rated Oscar's punching power this way:

"But, really, that Oscar De La Hoya has a big punch - really doesn't. I didn't even feel his punches. I just couldn't see because of the blood."

This was at Light Welterweight, for Chavez's title.

After an unsatisfactory cut stoppage, the two rematched, this time for Oscar's Welterweight title, on the eighteenth of September, 1998. Through interpreter Ray Torres, and in interview with Larry Merchant again, Chavez was asked about Oscar's power again (glad Larry didn't forget):

Merchant: "You said after the first fight that he never was able to hurt you. Is he a good puncher or not?"
Chavez: "He's a hard puncher, but not a real knockout artist. As you can see, he never knocked me out."
Merchant: "We can-"
Chavez: "-He deserves my respect."

File under: Take it for what it's worth.

Ray Torres had an interesting night here too, getting yelled at by JCC after Larry Merchant asked him about quitting. In clear English, Chavez did mention some bodily function byproduct from a bull.

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