Tuesday, March 17, 2015

You Can't Judge A Boxer By Looking At The Cover: Quote Spotlight, With Paulie Malignaggi

Last month, Paulie Malignaggi sat in as FS1 commentator for former opponent Pablo Cesar Cano's match with Juan Carlos Abreu (not to be confused with Abregu). During round three, fellow commentator Brian Custer takes a turn with Paulie over Cano's decidedly deceptive appearance. Paulie backs up the common sentiment that he is definitely a strong puncher. Malignaggi also touches on his observations of standard Mexican physiques and boxer physique in general with these statements:
". . .A lot of the Mexican fighters, you know, they don't come in muscular, but, at the same time, you know, they're still strong.

. . .You can't let the lack of muscular physique fool you. Because it doesn't necessarily mean punching power. It doesn't necessarily translate to punching power, or lack of it."

We've all seen the soft, and/or scrawny fighters come in and demonstrate shocking punching power, or surprisingly show they won't be pushed around by stockier men, and we've all seen those fighters who look like Mr. Universe contestants who don't seem capable of cracking an egg or particularly strong in a clinch or regularly getting pushed back by stick figure types. It seems there's always a reminder in just about any walk of life that you never have any idea what a person is by looking at them. I know there's a Cosby reference in here somewhere but probably best leave it alone.

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