Monday, March 30, 2015

That's So Ray, Man: GIF Spotlight

Ray Leonard scored one of the most devastating knockouts in his career during his first official defense of the welterweight championship of the world, against Dave 'Boy' Green. The atmosphere was tense going in. Both fighters were amped for the competition and showing it before the fight started. This GIF pretty much sums up Ray Leonard:

Show off with Ali shuffle, brutalise opponent, give Ali victory pose, show sportsmanship. That's so Ray, man. Polite Alpha Maleness.

Ray Leonard to commentator Chris Schenkel, during the post-fight interview:
 "Well, in my whole career of ten years, this is the first time I really was scared. Because I hit the guy, with a dynamite left hook, and, I mean, he was laying out. I really was scared for him." 

And, again, in slow motion:

Brutal. SRL KO4 Dave 'Boy' Green, the 31st of March, 1980.

Work that bag,
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