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What is Floyd Mayweather Junior's Reach? A Reference Guide

Considering when boxing statistics are released, there is some confusion over changes in how measurements are reported. When it comes to reach statistics this is particularly interesting because sometimes we get "wingspan" and other times we get arm length measurements from the armpit to the end of the fist, which may be what more fans are actually interested in, even though it is used less. This page will stand to inform you of which sources list Floyd Mayweather Junior's reach and how, so that you have a good idea for your reference. This will include any broadcast tales of the tape from any channel that I may find. All reach measurements will be paired alongside that of the opponent's, for your convenience and according to the broadcast's tale of the tape, as opposed to their Boxrec listing. We will update this page regularly to get it as thorough as possible and maintain it. You may click through to Boxrec for each fighter's individual page.

Last updated: 27th of January, 2015

Longest reported wingspan on file: 72 inches (x17)
Shortest reported wingspan on file: 69 inches (x1)

Longest reported armpit to arm length on file: 26 inches (x13)
Shortest reported armpit arm length on file: 26 inches (x13)

Differences for wingspan: 3 listed: 72 inches (x17), 71 inches (x1) and 69 inches (x1)
Differences for arm length: 1 listed: 26 inches (x13)

Longest difference for Mayweather with greater reach on file: 7 inches wingspan, against Jesus Chavez (the champion), 6 inches arm length for Ricky Hatton.
Longest difference for opponent with greater reach on file:
1 arm length, Phillip Ndou, by one inch, 27 inches to 26 inches
Wingspan has been equaled against Justin Juuko, both were listed at 72 inches.
Diego Corrales' wingspan was listed as 1 inch longer at 73 inches, to Floyd's 72. 

Boxrec: 72 inches/183 centimeters
Wikipedia: 72 inches/183 centimeters

Earliest to latest broadcast tale of the tapes (TOTT's):

(professional debut year)

1. VS Roberto Apodaca:

Mayweather: Currently unavailable
Apodaca: Currently unavailable
Airing on 11th of October, ESPN

2. VS Reggie Sanders:
Currently unavailable
Airing on 30th of November, ESPN


3. VS Jerry Cooper:
Currently unavailable
Airing on 18th of January, HBO

4. VS Edgar Ayala:
Currently unavailable
Airing on 1st of February, ESPN

5. VS Kino Rodriguez:
Mayweather: 71 inches - Rodriguez: 68 inches
Airing on 12th of March, DIRECTV

6. VS Bobby Giepert:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Geipert: 68 inches 
Airing on 12th of April, HBO

7. VS Tony Duran:
Currently unavailable
Airing on 9th of May, ESPN

8. VS Larry O'Shields:
Currently unavailable
Airing on 14th of June, Currently unavailable channel information

9. VS Jesus Chavez
Mayweather: 69 inches - Chavez: 68 inches
Airing on 12th of July, CBS Sports Show Budweiser Boxing Series

10. VS Louie Leija:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Leija: 68 inches
Airing on 6th of September, HBO

11. VS Felipe Garcia:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Garcia: 67.5 inches
Airing on 14th of Octber, USA Network's Tuesday Night Fights

12. VS Angelo Nunez:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Nunez: 71 inches
Airing on 20th of November, Channel Unknown-not HBO or Showtime


13. VS Hector Arroyo:
Currently unavailable

14. VS Sam Girard:
Currently unavailable

15. VS Miguel Melo:
Currently unavailable

16. VS Gustavo Fabian Cuello
Mayweather: 72 inches - Cuello: 68 inches
Airing on, 18th of April, channel unknown

17. VS Tony Pep:
Currently unavailable
Airing on 14th of June, ESPN2

18. VS Genaro Hernandez
Currently unavailable

19. VS Angel Manfredy:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Manfredy: 71 inches
19th of December, HBO


20. VS Carlos Alberto Ramon Rios:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Rios: 66 inches
Airing on 17th of February, TNT

21. VS Justin Juuko:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Juuko: 72 inches
Airing on 22nd of May, HBO

22. VS Carlos Gerena:



23. VS Gregorio Vargas:

Mayweather: 72 - Vargas: 67
Airing on 18th of March, HBO

24. VS Emanuel Augustus (Burton, formerly):


25. VS Diego Corrales
Mayweather: 72 inches - Corrales: 73 inches
Airing on 20th of January, HBO

26. VS Carlos Hernandez:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Hernandez: 65.5 inches
Airing on 26th of May, HBO

27. VS Jesus Chavez:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Chavez: 65 inches
Airing on 10th of November, HBO


28. VS Jose Luis Castillo I:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Castillo: 70 inches
Airing on 20th of April, HBO 

29. VS Jose Luis Castillo II:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Castillo: 70 inches
Airing on 7th of December, HBO


30. VS Victoriano Sosa:
*The HBO broadcast unusually featured both arm length and wingspan.
Wingspan: Mayweather: 72 inches - Sosa:  71 inches
Arm length: Mayweather: 26 inches - Sosa: 25 inches
Airing on 19th of April, HBO

31. VS Phillip Ndou:
Mayweather: 26 inches - Ndou: 27 inches
Airing on 1st of November, HBO


32. VS DeMarcus Corley
Mayweather: 26 inches - Corley: 24.5 inches
Airing on 22nd of May, HBO


33. VS Henry Bruseles:
Mayweather: 26 inches - Bruseles: 23 inches
Airing on 22nd of January, HBO

34. Arturo Gatti:
Mayweather: 26 inches - Gatti: 25 inches
Airing on 25th of June, HBO

35. VS Sharmba Mitchell
Mayweather: 26 inches - Mitchell: 21.5 inches
Airing on 19th of November, HBO


36. VS Zab Judah:
Mayweather: 26 inches - Judah: 22 inches
Airing on 8th of April, 2006, HBO

37. VS Carlos Baldomir:
Mayweather: 26 inches - Baldomir: 23.5 inches
Airing on 4th of November, HBO


38. VS Oscar De La Hoya:
Mayweather: 26 inches - De La Hoya: 24 inches
Airing on 5th of May, HBO

39. VS Ricky Hatton:
Mayweather: 26 inches - Hatton: 20 inches
Airing on 8th of December, HBO


(Mayweather did not fight in this year)


40. VS Juan Manuel Marquez
Mayweather: 26 inches - Marquez: 23 inches
Airing on 19th of September, HBO


41. VS Shane Mosley:  
Mayweather: 26 inches - Mosley: 23.5 inches
Airing on 1st of May, HBO


42. VS Victor Ortiz:
Mayweather: 26 inches - Ortiz: 23.5 inches
Airing on 17th of September, HBO


43. VS Miguel Cotto:


44. VS Robert Guerrero:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Guerrero: 70 inches
Airing on 4th of May, Showtime

45. VS Saul Alvarez:
Mayweather: 72 inches - Alvarez: 70.5 inches
Airing on 14th of September, Showtime


46. VS Marcos Rene Maidana I:

47. VS Marcos Rene Maidana II:

Airing on 13th of September,


(Mayweather did not fight in this year)

*Please, comment for any corrections, suggestions, etc.

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