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What Do Light Welterweights Rehydrate To? An Unofficial Weight Reference List

The following is a list compiled from our main page:

Fight Night Boxing Weights: A List Of Unofficial Weigh-in Weights After Rehydration

Please note: This particular reference list page is only for Light Welterweights fighting that we have on file. Where we have seen catch-weights implemented within the welterweight range, we have made note. This page is meant to answer the question only of what your standard Light Welterweight rehydration will look like for educational purposes, whether you are interested academically or for betting purposes, debate, whatever. I hope you find it helpful if you've recently done a search for it. If you like what we do here, please bookmark, share, link to us, comment, etc. If you have a correction on any typos or special, relevant information you feel we should make note of, any error or anything at all, please feel free to comment. What we get the most response to we will likely work the most to expand on. Thanks for your visit.

Light Welterweight Division, AKA Junior Welterweight, AKA Super Lightweight: 140 lbs



Viktor Postol VS Lucas Matthysse - Contested at Light Welterweight

Postol: Official: 139.5 - Unofficial: 148
Matthysse: Official: 139.5 - Unofficial: 151

Humberto Soto VS Antonio Orozco - Contested at Light Welterweight: I don't know what the specifics of this billed Light Welterweight/140-pound bout were but Soto weighed in right on the limit and Orozco weighed in within a pound. This was also slightly fuzzy as HBO's TOTT had Orozco weighing 140.5 and Boxrec had him listed at 140.75.

Soto: Official: 140 - Unofficial: 154
Orozco: Official: 140.5 - Unofficial: 154


Adrien Broner VS John Molina - This bout was meant to be at a limit between the light welterweight maximum of 140 and a special +1 rule bleeding into the welterweight class, by contract. So, very technically speaking, Broner came in at welterweight, Molina at light welterweight, despite only a pound difference.

Broner: Official: 141 - Unofficial: 157
Molina: Official: 140 - Unofficial: 154

Amir Imam VS Fidel Maldonado Junior

Imam: 152
Maldonado: 153



Jose Benavidez Junior VS Mauricio Herrera - Contested at Light Welterweight

Herrera: 154
Benavidez: 150


Jessie Vargas VS Anton Novikov - Contested at Light Welterweight

Vargas: 148
Novikov: 157


Viktor Postol VS Selcuk Aydin - Contested at Light Welterweight limit (140)

Postol: 148
Aydin: 148



Ricardo Alvarez VS Rod Salka - Contested at Light Welterweight, with Alvarez weighing a half pound over the limit

Alvarez: 155.5
Salka: 146.5


Ruslan Provodnikov VS Mike Alvarado - Contested at Light Welterweight

Provodnikov: 148
Alvarado: 157


Terence Crawford VS Breidis Prescott

Crawford: 150
Prescott: 157


Lucas Matthysse VS Mike Dallas Junior - Contested at Light Welterweight

Matthysse: 163.5 ***Lucas implies this is Showtime error, ten pounds up, and he was really 153 pounds in interview with Tha Boxing Voice. This would be consistent with his other weigh-ins. He implied only a comfort in making weight.***

Dallas Junior: 151.5



Brandon Rios VS Mike Alvarado - Contested at Light Welterweight

Rios: 149
Alvarado: 152


Danny Garcia VS Amir Khan - Contested at Light Welterweight

Khan: 148
Garcia: 150


Danny Garcia VS Erik Morales I - Scheduled for Light Welterweight, Danny Garcia makes weight at 139.5 and fights for a title there, while Morales weighs in at 142, vacating that same title. Effectively, it's contested as a Light Welterweight VS a Welterweight.

Garcia: 152
Morales: 155



Erik Morales VS Pablo Cesar Cano - Contested at Light Welterweight

Morales: 150
Cano: 151


Amir Khan VS Zab Judah - Contested at Light Welterweight

Khan: 151
Judah: 150


Devon Aleander VS Lucas Matthysse - Contested at Light Welterweight

Alexander: 151
Matthysse: 153


Timothy Bradley VS Devon Alexander - Contested at Light Welterweight

Bradley: 148
Alexander: 152



Amir Khan VS Marcos Rene Maidana - Contested at Light Welterweight

Khan: 149
Maidana: 149


Devon Alexander VS Andriy Kotelnik - Contested at Light Welterweight

Alexander: 149
Kotelnik: 148



Marcos Rene Maidana VS Victor Cayo - Contested at Light Welterweight

Maidana: 149
Cayo: 150



Paulie Malignaggi VS Juan Diaz - Contested at Light Welterweight

Malignaggi: 149
Diaz: 145


Marcos Rene Maidana VS Victor Ortiz - Contested at Light Welterweight

Maidana: 149
Ortiz: 152



Ricky Hatton VS Paulie Malignaggi - Contested at Light Welterweight

Hatton: 152
Malignaggi: 149



Ricky Hatton VS Jose Luis Castillo - Contested at Light Welterweight

Hatton: 149
Castillo: 153



Miguel Cotto VS DeMarcus Corley - Contested at Light Welterweight

Cotto: 157
Corley: 140


Floyd Mayweather Junior VS Henry Bruseles - Contested at Light Welterweight

Mayweather: 142
Bruseles: 150



Floyd Mayweather Junior VS DeMarcus Corley - Contested at Light Welterweight

Mayweather: 145
Corley: 144



Kostya Tszyu VS Diosbelys Hurtado - Contested at Light Welterweight

Tszyu: 157
Hurtado: 156

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Source: Sources for all matches are during the fight broadcast's tale of the tape unless otherwise noted.

Post comments for any potential corrections or requests, please.

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