Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Feather in Steve Pannell's Cap: GIF Spotlight

Steve "Storm" Pannell was a fair and experienced heavyweight journeyman who turned pro in 1991 and last fought in 2007. He rumbled with many prospects, major world titlists and title challengers, including Frans Botha, Jameel McCline, John Ruiz and Ray Mercer. It was a hard career, getting knocked out several times and several times on short notice to good prospects. Among those prospects, in a row, three undefeated ones, were Hasim Rahman (27-0), Wladimir Klitschko (21-0) and Ed Mahone (19-0-2). All three fights ended in stoppage loss, all three in the second round, and all three matches within the same 12-month period between 1998-1999. This is not an easy way to make a living! But Mr. Pannell wasn't a go-quietly record-padder for everyone. He is, to my knowledge and the knowledge of the Fox Sports commentators at the time of the match, the first man in the amateurs or pros to put Wladimir Klitschko off of his feet. Here was the sequence:

A tip of the hat to Mr. Pannell for that one. Currently, Wladimir, for any contradictory reservations about his punch resistance, has not been knocked down since 2005. It's not a bad feather at all.

Work that bag,
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