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What Do Middleweights Rehydrate To? An Unofficial Weight Reference List

The following is a list compiled from our main page:

Fight Night Boxing Weights: A List Of Unofficial Weigh-in Weights After Rehydration

Please note: This particular reference list page is only for Middleweights fighting that we have on file. Where we have seen catch-weights implemented within the Middleweight range, we have made note. This page is meant to answer the question only of what your standard Middleweight rehydration will look like for educational purposes, whether you are interested academically or for betting purposes, debate, whatever. I hope you find it helpful if you've recently done a search for it. If you like what we do here, please bookmark, share, link to us, comment, etc. If you have a correction on any typos or special, relevant information you feel we should make note of, any error or anything at all, please feel free to comment. What we get the most response to we will likely work the most to expand on. Thanks for your visit.

Middleweight Division: 160 lbs


Miguel Cotto VS Daniel Geale - Contested at the Middleweight class, but limited to a catch-weight of 158 pounds, as requested by Miguel Cotto's camp.

Cotto: Official: 153.6 - Unofficial: HBO could not get Cotto's weight, which is normal for Cotto.
Geale: Official: 157 - Unofficial: 182 - This is a noteworthy gain and Jim Lampley made special note that it was with Geale's street clothes on, but obviously still massive.  Lampley guesses it's more like 175 in boxing gear but that seems a little low for the difference, to me.

Gennady Golovkin VS Willie Monroe Junior - Contested at Middleweight

Golovkin: Official: 159 - Unofficial: 170
Monroe Junior: Official: 160 - Unofficial: 172



Andy Lee VS Matt Korobov - Contested at Middleweight

Lee: 167.5

Korobov: 174


Gennady Golovkin VS Marco Antonio Rubio - Contested at Middleweight, with Rubio failing to make weight and accepting a purse cut to stay at 161.75 (to be 100% precise, Jim Lampley says 161.8), even stripped completely naked at the weigh-in.

Golovkin: 173
Rubio: 181


Matvey Korobov VS Jose Uzcategui - Contested at Middleweight

Korobov: 173
Uzcategui: 175



Matthew Macklin VS Lamar Russ - Contested at Middleweight 

Macklin: 172
Russ: 168

James Kirkland VS Glen Tapia - Contested at Middleweight, despite both being ranked as Light Middleweights and only slightly going above weight, the ultimate contracts allowed a 156-pound limit, just inside the Middleweight division.

Kirkland: 168
Tapia: 165


Peter Quillin VS Gabriel Rosado - Contested at Middleweight 

Quillin: 170 
Rosado: 175


Gennady Golovkin VS Matthew Macklin - Contested at Middleweight

Golovkin: 170
Macklin: 170


Gennady Golovkin VS Gregorz Proksa - Contested at Middleweight

Golovkin: 168
Proksa: 166



Sergio Martinez VS Darren Barker - Contested at Middleweight

Martinez: 165
Barker: 168


Julio Cesar Chavez Junior VS Sebastian Zbik - Contested at Middleweight 

Chavez: 180
Zbik: 165



Sergio Martinez VS Paul Williams II - Contested at Middleweight with a 158-pound catch-weight limit

Martinez: 168
Williams: 168


Dmitry Pirog VS Danny Jacobs - Contested at Middleweight

Pirog: 170
Jacobs: 170


Sergio Martinez VS Kelly Pavlik - Contested at Middleweight

Pavlik:     Official: 159.5 - Unofficial: 178
Martinez: Official: 159.5 - Unofficial: 167



Paul Williams VS Sergio Martinez I - Contested at Middleweight

Williams: 166
Martinez: 166



Kelly Pavlik VS Jermain Taylor - Contested at Middleweight

Pavlik: 168
Taylor: 166


Kelly Pavlik VS Edison Miranda - Contested at Middleweight

Pavlik: 171
Miranda: 173



Jermain Taylor VS Bernard Hopkins II - Contested at Middleweight

Taylor: 169


Jermain Taylor VS Bernard Hopkins I - Contested at Middleweight

Hopkins: 168
Taylor: 171


Felix Trinidad VS Ronald Wright - Contested at Middleweight 

Trinidad: 169
Wright: 168



Felix Trinidad VS Ricardo Mayorga - Contested at Middleweight

Trinidad: 168
Mayorga: 165



Bernard Hopkins VS Antwun Echols - Contested at Middleweight

Hopkins: 166
Echols: 163

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